DJ Wax – Spandangle Selection Volume 29 (12″ Vinyl)


DJ Wax E.P – Spandangle Selection Volume 29.

During the DJ Wax issue period of vinyl, which in itself was fairly short-lived, the majority of releases were revered as some of the best around at the time. Not many know how active DJ Wax once was, and that he played live much more than he’s credited for. It was during a live performance that “Total Recall” was recorded, not a studio production as most would expect. The “Home & Away EP” would go on to be DJ Wax’s final vinyl release via CMC Promotions. It appeared first of all in 1994. “Morning Drums” previously came out on SSV5, marked as the dubplate mix, as it had received plays from various DJs of the moment such as Micky finn and Jumpin Jack Frost. This EP yields “Morning Drums” in its original guise, being a different version of the previous release of the dubplate mix and has an appeal all of its own. Since release, and due to DJ Wax’s usually small runs on vinyl, this EP has gone on to command big amounts of money.

DJ Wax E.P – Spandangle Selection Volume 29.

Home & Away; Total Recall; Morning Drums; Living In War.

Weight 180 g



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