Halfbreed – Spandangle Selection Volume 9 (12″ Vinyl) Shipping Now


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Halfbreed – Spandangle Selection Volume 9

Halfbreed EP.

Rewind was made in a shed in Cheshunt, suspecting that the dat was lost from around the era where lords of the null lines bootleg mischief spiralled, this track may well have been on the same dat that was seized. This was then rescued from one of the only remaining acetates professionally during recent times.

Lessons In Amen written because of every jungle artists dying need to write an amen smasher, and I think Danny succeeded perfectly.

Radio Is Dead, a fast paced energetic hardstepping track, highlighting the fact that to us ravers, commercial radio is dead.

Synergy a late 93 production, sat on a dat with lessons in amen and radio is dead for many years both of which got made in 94.

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