Hired Gun – Spandangle Selection Volume 12 (12″ Vinyl) Shipping Now


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Hired Gun – Dem Gone Mad E.P. – Spandangle Selection Volume 12, pressed on 180 gram Vinyl.

So I was asked to write a little thing about the first Hired Gun EP “Dem Gun Mad”. Its a bit tricky because it was a very long time ago and it was a small side project that never really went anywhere. I was quite surprised when I was asked if it could be repressed and remixed – I honestly thought everyone had forgotten about it. But I am pleased that people still dig it. Because at the time, I do remember both Lee (top fella who managed my distribution via Mos Music Machine) and I thought it was going to do really well. It had everything going for it – it was the right sound at the right time. And it was quite hard work for me to make – the bass noise was made on a Roland Jupiter 6, which had no midi, and besides I was terrible at programming. Plus while simple by todays standards, it was a push for me editing and sampling (I took samples from the TV show “Cracker”) and I think the result is a very solid EP. I was proud of it. Yet somehow, upon release it just went pfffft and disappeared. Its like that sometimes with the music industry, which is why years later you fine people scratching their heads about absolutely wicked tunes that no one seemed to notice at the time. We pressed 500 and they trickled out over a year and that was that. I had hoped JFK (Jungle From Kniteforce) would be my big jungle label. And I certainly should have stuck with it. But I didnt, and it didnt, and there we are. I am thrilled to have these excellent new remixes! And just as thrilled to have the originals remastered and recut. Now lets hope it goes right this time, eh?
Nice one, Chris (Luna-C)

Dem Gun Mad (Pow Pow). What Goes On.

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Weight 180 g
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 1 cm


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