Juic-E – Spandangle Selection Volume 28 (12″ Vinyl)


Juic-E E.P – Spandangle Selection Volume 28.

Juic-e, at the time, was an up-and-coming producer, who periodically sent me tracks he’d been working on. Although they somewhat impressed me, they needed a little refinement. After some advice from myself, Juic-e decided he wanted to learn the hands-on approach. I advised him that a sampler would be his best bet. By hook or by crook, he managed to get his hands on one, growing in ability over the months to come. By the time Juic-e had sent me a few different tracks, I felt I couldn’t refuse them any longer, and here they are!

Juic-E E.P – Spandangle Selection Volume 28.

Party; Broken Down; Tumble; The Need.

Weight 180 g



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